Lisa Albrecht, Founder, All Bright Solar.

Lisa is an amazing source of energy, support, and solutions. And honestly, I don’t know where Illinois solar would be without her. A long time passionate advocate on tackling the realities of climate change, Lisa has been a tireless advocate for solar through her professional and personal life.

Lisa had been working in the Illinois solar industry since back when you knew the names of everyone in the state that had solar. But because of her work along with so many other advocates, Illinois created policies that expanded solar access, allowing Lisa to create her own firm All Bright Solar: Proving strong renewable policies are good for the environment and the economy. Now, we just need legislators to keep solar alive in IL!

But importantly today, after a sad and challenging weekend, Lisa brings positivity to our battles. Lisa is constantly supporting and lifting up women in solar and advocacy. In fact, this morning she reminded me that we are where we are today because RBG was at the table. So it’s up to us to keep going and fighting.

And keep dancing. Lisa’s pick to add to #SolarMusicMonday playlist sums up her positivity. May Lisa’s addition bring you joy, and renewed bounce in your step, and an opportunity to dance (even if we can’t hold a candle to Michelle Obama’s dance moves to Uptown Funk)!

Uptown Funk
Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson

Girls hit your hallelujah!


Listen to the full #SolarMusicMonday playlist HERE.