Denise Abdul-Rahman, Regional Field Organizer, NAACP.

As NAACP’s Midwest Environmental Climate Justice Program Field Organizer, Denise brings smiles and passion to her work, but importantly, she inspires others to do more and think bigger. She is a strong environmental justice leader in the Midwest, and not only advocates for strong policies but for working together for tangible actions. Over the years, I have been honored to work alongside Denise as she digs into policy battles in states like Indiana and Illinois, or creates opportunities for action with congregations and communities in Michigan and Texas.

She is an inspiration, with a constant open door for others to join in the movement.

Denise’s Playlist Additions:

It’s a New Day

I went asleep last night
Tired from the fight
I’ve been fighting for tomorrow
All my life
Yeah I woke up this morning
Feeling brand new
‘Cause the dreams that I’ve been dreaming
Has finally come true

Stevie Wonder
People hand in hand
Have I lived to see the milk and honey land?
Where hate’s a dream and love forever stands
Or is this a vision in my mind?



Listen to the full #SolarMusicMonday playlist HERE.

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